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Arlington Elementary School

PGSD Named District of Innovation by MS Department of Education

The Pascagoula-Gautier School District  is committed to educating tomorrow’s college and career ready students in our inclusive innovation nation. 
By providing students with opportunities such as taking the ACT WorkKeys, having the option of earning the Seal of Biliteracy, graduating with an Associate’s degree, and earning national certifications, they will have an increased chance of being successful in their chosen career field. Some examples include a student who completes a two-year program in welding and then gets the chance to intern at Ingalls Shipbuilding with job offers at completion or a health science student earning his/her LPN license before graduation. Students can also work at McDonald’s while being trained for a management position when they graduate. Our Teacher Academy completers can get a job with the district as a paid teacher’s assistant. Students who complete the Unmanned Aerial Systems program (flying drones) can earn an FAA certification and gain employment after graduation. 
We want to revitalize this mission through our District of Innovation as we aim to provide our students with support on all levels with our Pre-K to Workforce vision, ensuring rigor and career focus each step of the way.